The Wright Approach to Government

Economic growth, Individual Freedom, and Security

Just about every issue being discussed on the national level affects one or more of these categories. While the details of any particular piece of legislation can be confusing and convoluted, focusing on these three core principles will allow America to remain a world leader and the best country on earth.


Free Market Economy

America is the economic powerhouse of the world because we created an environment where we incentivize innovation and hard work. We must continue to support national policy that promotes a free market approach to economic growth. When people realize the satisfaction from taking a risk, working hard and achieving success, it inspires others to do the same and is the foundation of obtaining the American dream.

National Healthcare

Most people agree that affordable healthcare for everyone is a meaningful and worthwhile goal. The disagreement comes from how we bear the cost of such a program and what that would mean for the level of care received.

The best way to make healthcare accessible to everyone is to make it affordable for everyone. As we have seen from the Obama years, a government sponsored program which forces people to participate resulted in higher healthcare premiums and did very little to reduce healthcare costs. Instead, we need to focus on market driven solutions. Policies that promote competition in the marketplace are the best way drive down healthcare costs. 


The people of the United States are a good and decent people. We desire to help the poor and less fortunate in the world. However, our resources are not unlimited and it does no-one any good to overextend ourselves to the point where the whole reason people want to come to this country is jeopardized. 

As such, we have devised a system where people throughout the world can apply to come to this country and become a citizen, or, if they prefer, just work or study in the United States. This system ensures that we are using our resources in a meaningful and fair way without overextending ourselves. In order for the system to continue to benefit would-be immigrants for generations to come, we must abide by and enforce our laws.

Right to Self Defense

All law abiding people should be allowed to protect themselves, their family, and their neighbors. This is true whether the aggressor is a criminal intent on doing them harm or a runaway government that seeks to trample the rights of its citizens.

There has been much discussion of late about whether controlling the kinds and amount of firearms available to the public would curtail the evil gun violence we've all seen on national news outlets. The problem is that what makes these acts of violence evil is not the gun, it's the shooter. A gun is just a tool. It is no more good or evil than the person using it. 

Let's focus our efforts on trying to identify and help those who would benefit from mental counseling and treatment. Not only will this approach prevent gun violence, but it will make a meaningful impact on the life of another at a time when he/she needed help the most.

Right to Life

All people are afforded the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. This includes unborn children. We must be their voice because they can't yet speak for themselves. 

We should absolutely invest in making the adoption process easier and cheaper. There are a whole host of loving families that would graciously receive a new addition and provide a loving and stable home environment. 

Term Limits for Congress

The original vision of our founders was that we would be citizen statesmen. Unfortunately, we have gotten away from that model and have members of congress who have spent their entire professional careers in government. It is much harder to see the impact of congressional decisions from an office in Washington, D.C. than it is when you're outside of the beltway trying to work and live according to the laws being passed. It is much better to send people to congress who have the fresh perspective of what it's like living and working in their respective states. Setting term limits on congressional office would reinstate the idea of having citizen statesmen.